Webcast of goat Timur and Tiger Cupid | 5 webcams

Broadcast goat Timur and Tiger Cupid is prohibited on our website. Better to see a broadcast of the dollar:

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From 19:00 to 8:00 local time recording the broadcast, because the Tiger sleeps in a cage outside webcams. So while there's still time see compilation of videos-18 + entries, like a tiger ate goat or you can watch daily video recording webcams Tiger Amur and goat Timur (all video entries deleted because made without permission from guide Safari Park "seaside").

  • Seashore Safari Park is located near the village of Shkotovo Primorsky Krai in 70 km from Vladivostok:
  • Time Safari Park Seaside differs from Moscow at +7 hours. When the Moscow day in Vladivostok already evening.
  • Amur tiger release of cells in 9:30 on Vladivostok time or 2:30. Run the 19:00 the night in local time or in 12:00 in Moscow. Therefore, observe the life of Tiger Cupid and goat you can 2:30 to Timur 12:00 (Moscow time).
  • In the night's online broadcast (when in Moscow day) Cupid and Timur nothing interesting happens, Tiger and goat sleeping in cells, they are not visible, the dark circle.
  • In the dark Web cams live work in black and white mode with IR lighting. In daylight the camera switch to color mode with live broadcast on the Internet.