About the site

Initially, the idea of the site was a diary about life goat of Timur and tiger.

When a broadcast Web cameras, the official website of Safari Park "went". Watch for Cupid and Timur was nowhere, and hundreds of thousands of applicants, so we have decided to resume the broadcasts of its own, which was done.

Right holders did not like it and they blocked the broadcast on our website.

Since then, we have been making daily 10-hour daytime record webcams. Any viewer at any moment live could choose any camera for recording comments viewers voiced synthesizer voice (blind and visually impaired people were particularly happy with this functionality).

Video recording broadcasts continued on our Youtube channel so you don't miss a tiger attack on a goat, as well as to "earn" auditions for the work done.

With the help of donations, we wanted to raise money for a separate server on which would be conducted 24 hours a day recording with webcams. Collect managed 101 rubles. As a result, the computer was bought with his own money.

Leadership Safari Park "seaside" is not approved this venture, so to avoid Bana/strike on Youtube this activity was terminated, video-record deleted.

In the future, instead of webcams broadcast live online comments were spectators.

Website for sale. Price $ 1500.

If you have questions about site-write in comments, email timuramur@bk.ru or VC.

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