Today on the "Russia 24" will be released a film about Timur and Amur

31 December on the tv channel “Russia 24” will premiere “a wonderful friendship. Amur tiger and goat Timur “.

Start at 15:00.

Documentary about an unusual friendship Tiger and goat filmed tv company “living Earth”. The shooting took place in the seaside with the Safari Park on 17 December 24, 2015 year.

Video recording of the film will be available on our website after the television broadcast.

Dmitry Mezentsev, Director of the seaside Safari Park.

Seashore Safari Park opened online shop goat Timur and the Amur tiger

Today the Grand opening of the official online store of the seaside Safari Park. Currently in store you can buy souvenirs in the form of t-shirts, cups, pendants depicting goat Timur and tiger.

Take orders and deliver goods shop will begin with December 21, 2015 year.

Methods of payment-electronic money cards.

Buy souvenirs with goat and Tiger can at budget rates: t-shirts cost between 550 rubles, mugs from 270 rubles, trinkets from 60 rubles.

Web address of shop-Timur-Cupid.

Experts predicted, when a tiger eats goat Cupid Timur

Zoologists consider the Amur tiger eats goat, Timur at the moment when the goat appears fear the Tiger. Tiger feels the adrenaline and begin to perceive the goat as prey.

But the prerequisites to this was not, is not and has not yet relented. We hope that this friendship will remain for a lifetime.