Amur tiger severely injures goat Timur

January 26, 2016 year reportedly viewers who observe animals at the Safari Park via webcams, Amur tiger severely injures goat Timur so that goat fell and was unable to move.

Immediately thereafter, the Tiger primanili in Aviary, a goat killed on a stretcher, four members of the Safari Park. Now goat is treated in a veterinary clinic.

Watched tiger attack on goat user Denisa Stoenescu, here's what he wrote:

I was watching live webcam number around 5 11 34 AM Vladivostok time: Timur was near the Amur, both sleeping for the past hour, sometimes Timur was eating or standing and one-time Amur pushed away by Timur but Timur didn't go anywhere. After 1 hour suddenly (from sleep to that)-Amur grab Timurchik back (maybe Timur woke him up i don't know) bitting him I suppose because Timur seemed to twitch under Amur-Timur twitched for 2 or 3 minutes, succeeded to escape even if the Amur didn't follow him, he just look at Timur who walked away but limping-it appeared as an injury of the backbone (even in this video we can see that Timur back seems to twitch , when he tries to walk, like a spinal shock or like a convulsion/contraction i don't know how to explain-at min 0; 24 in this video), Timur stopped. .. After 10 minutes, members of the staff (4 or 5) tranquilized Amur-i don't know exactly because tiger ran initially and the those 4 or 5 members went in, 2 after Timur-initially tried to run but was injured, the others put on the ground a black blanket-medical field, Timur in that blanket and they took the goat out. Outside you could even see (the same webcam 5) members near the fence with that black blanket with Timur inside (well only that blanket but i knew Timur was inside) I was crying-now we know he is alive, hope he gets well. Then after 20-30 min tiger appeared webcam number 2 and 3 and that oficially statement about treatment.

As it turned out later, Timur was shot with a tranquilizer DART, which is why he fell and could not move.

22 January 5 appears on webcam

Seaside Safari Park Director Dmitry Mezentsev promised January 22, 2016 year add to the existing 4 webcams another.

5 camera will ohvatyt′vat′ the far corner of the enclosure, which is currently not visible on any of four chambers. And what is most offensive to viewers outside the four chambers Tiger Amur and goat Timur spend most of the day.

About Timur and Cupid will make computer game

Computer games developers interested in friendship goat Timur and Tiger Cupid and want to create a game in which the goat must escape from the Tiger, running on rough terrain.

However, the Director of the Safari Park “seaside” sharply against this genre. According to him, the game should be about the friendship of a predator and victim. Then people become kinder. A game in which one must escape and kill seât only evil.

Dmitry Mezentsev will monitor the development of the game and if it doesn’t like it, he would make every effort to change until the closure of the game project.