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2 Gedanken zu „Der Amur-Tiger, der Ziege Ziege-Timur und seiner Frau Manka 10. Februar 2016“

  1. Hello,
    I just remembered an advice from my animal doctor. She told me: when your dog is seperated from you and missing you, give him a shirt you were wearing so he can smell you.
    How about you cut some hair from Timur, put it in a coat of cotton and lay it on the resting place of Amur. Please try it, they are very close friends – a birthday (11.02.) present for me, please an watch his reaction
    Lydia Resch

  2. Thanks a lot for the new video, I am very greatful for this.
    In the beginning it looks like Timur says hello to Amur, but Amur ignores his calling. My be his soul is sad, because he cannot understand the seperation from Timur. Amur also makes a sad impression to me on his walks now alone. Please let them stay as close as possible together.
    Animals have feelings like humans (sad, happy, disappointed, fear and so on), please respect it.
    Again thanks for all the work you do – in my thoghts I am a lot with you Greetings from Germany
    Lydia Resch